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Updated: Feb 12

We are so proud to announce that we now stock SOCK-IT & CO.™ Non-Slip Grip Socks. The best Grip Socks on the market not only for their high quality but also for their unique designs. All SOCK-IT & CO.™ Grippy Socks feature extra added 'Up the Heel' Grip for extra support, comfort and safety. We have been lucky enough to have some Q&A's from Em Hill the owner and founder of SOCK-IT & CO.™

1. What products does SOCK-IT & CO.™ offer?

SOCK-IT & CO.™ is an Australian based and designed business offering Grippy Socks for lovers of Pilates, Yoga and Barre Bar. Offering high quality products with unique 'Up The Heel Grip' and designs.

2. Why did you start your business/businesses?

SOCK-IT & CO.™ launched in 2018 after the lack of finding true high quality Non-Slip Grip Socks on the market. After a year of sampling numerous amounts of samples SOCK-IT & CO.™ launched.

3. What makes your business unique?

We offer a unique 'Up The Heel Grip' meaning that our Grip on all socks go from the toes to up the heel. We also offer unique designs that are one of a kind.

4. How old is your business and were is it located?

SOCK-IT & CO.™ was created in 2018 officially and located in Australia on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

5. Do you own any pets yourself? What are they and who are they? Proud owner of King Kingsley, Paddington and our girl additions who are apart of the family Molly and Polly. All of which are Miniature Dachshunds.

6. What is your favourite part about running a business?

I love constantly learning about running a business - the highs and the lows. SOCK-IT & CO.™ started as a dream and now it is a reality and passion.

7. If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

ALWAYS learn first hand, go through the steps and stages of running a business. Most CEO's start of doing their own marketing and understand everything about their business before getting help in. Follow SOCK-IT & CO.™

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