What is a C-Spine?

Last week we learnt about the S-Spine and how it can help in everyday life as well as the impacts it has for Golfers.

The C-Spine is when the spine is curved over in an uncomfortable position leading it to cause many of issues such as back and neck pain.

As you can see in the picture to the left a young ANK Golf Performance girl with a very defined curved spine during roll downs.

For a young golfer she would want to be standing up nice and tall in a S-Spine position during practice and competition.

Reformer Pilates is one element that can help greatly with those with a C-Spine. The movements and body language during Reformer Pilates will not only strengthen the weak areas to help improve it will also loosen up the tighter muscles causing the curve.

The benefits of having a good spine is:

· Reduced pain in the back, neck, hips, legs and feet

· More efficient movement

· Improving muscle function

· Increasing range of motion (Especially for Golfers)

· Relieving pressure from compressed vital organs

· Improving circulation through the body

· Creating a slimmer look

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