What is S-Posture?

The S-Posture is created by having too much arch in the lower back and can be the result of sticking your tail bone out too far or by having a Lower Crossed Syndrome (muscle imbalances around the core area). S-posture causes are as follows:

  • Lower Crossed Syndrome - tightness in the hip flexors and lower back and weakness in the abdominals and glutes.

  • Student does not understand how to bend form the hips to setup to the golf ball.

  • Student has been told to stick their butt out to create more room for their arms on the downswing.

  • Lack of Abdominal strength or relaxing the abdominal musculature.

  • Too much flex in the knees with the torso to upright.

The above image of Rory from ANK Golf Academy showing the S-Posture spine during his Golf.

The image on the right is Rory again after continuous Reformer Pilates lesson to help loosen his hips, strengthen his core and the gluteus maxims.

In Sanctuary Cove we are lucky enough to be able to take our Reformer Pilates classes to the driving range to work with clients like Rory from ANK Golf Academy to help them understand their spinal position.

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